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I’m just like 

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like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 

like at all

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How to use their own tactics against them

i’ll have to remember this lol

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There is only one race among our species. The human race.
One planet. Separation is an illusion.
We are all one.

In order for us to grow,
we must share our cultures.
We must share our customs.
We must share our ideas.
We must share. We must love.
We will learn to coexist.
Then,will we have…




Bears Doing Human Things [via]

Previously: Before and After Pictures of Animals Growing Up

I may have just found my favorite post.

Even when they’re supposed to look cute sun bears are creepy as hell

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Its true that all fat people overeat. Absolutely. Every fat person in the world is eating more calories than their bodies needs, and its therefore storing some of that energy as fat.

But every once in a while I’ll see pictures of fat people gorging themselves and people will laugh and point and…

Salomon S-Lab Sense Hydro kit. I really like this product, but I will definitely need to add another 8 oz soft flask for runs beyond 10 miles. Overall, it’s great.



Who cares about gender roles or whatever else society wants… Just do whatever you want. Dang.

You are making it sound like gender roles are optional. They are not. We are conditioned to participate in them since birth. It would be beautiful…

I totally agree on all points, but you also have to keep in mind that it’s much easier for a lot of people to go with the flow and follow the social norms, which is why they’ve persisted for so long. They are disintegrating with each passing generation though, which is really good in my opinion. 



i still cant believe plebcomics said white passing poc are essentially just white people

i mean i CAN believe plebcomics said it

im just glad its down in writing so theres evidence that shes a fucking racist tool

is this supposed to be like a joke or

i mean

you know “poc” stands for people of color right

which means not white

which means anyone who claims to be a “white passing POC” is not actually a poc and is likely getting race and ethnicity confused